"Follow your emotions and desires"

Passion is the happiness of the heart

28/01/2014 10:33

Passion is the happiness of the heart which is not needed to be convinced by anyone to acquire it, for it is something we simply must have through following own personal sensibilities with unwavering dedication on something that we love to do and delivers pleasant feelings days later after doing it. It makes us want to get on with it and teaches us to observe ourselves and see things that we have never seen before or have never looked closely enough from ourselves. I am filled with admiration and inspiration when I read or hear of stories of people who have just gone for their dream, sacrificed things, lived in a shed to make ends meet but all in the name of passion…and then they make it, bury their head in their creative passion, and then enable them to come out the other side beaming. They are following their heart and not budging and embracing their skill, talent, and thing that make them unique. All these are trying to tell us something that we should not miss doing things that make us happy, there is, after all, a thousand ways we can live our dream and do the thing we love.


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