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Marilou Eureka Cambonga Bianzon was born on April 05 1985,(it was Good Friday), in Manila ,Philippines, and raised in Clark Manor Pampanga,by her parents whom are both from Bicol provinces. Eureka studied in Pampanga since elementary,and finished her degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing  in year 2006 with the help of her scholarship which been started when she was in 4th year highschool. She worked as a Staff Nurse for 3 years at Dee Hwa Liong Foundation Medical Center a tertiary hospital in Pampanga,before working in a private Medical Center in Abu Dhabi UAE.

Her Passions: Music: Eureka started singing at the age of 7,and learned to play the piano/keyboard ,guitar and drum instruments when she was in highschool,she got her full scholarship award, one reason ,because she's been a band member of her Alma Mater together with her siblings,it was the most challenging part of her life,being a band member while maintaining her grades esp.in her college years for her scholarship.

She have written some songs and played them with her own music,here is one of her original compositions on You tube www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ADkWQ_eO1M

Art: Eureka is a loner type of lady who just prefer to stay in her room to paint, to do some sketches,she begun joining some art competition when she was in elementary,and been awarded as "Artist of the Year" when she was in high school. Drawing some sketches somehow became her source of income.

Writing/Poetry: One of Eureka's undying passion,aside from penning some articles,inspirational short stories,she loves writing poems as well,in fact she have written almost 500 poems on her poetry blog www.mypenandsoul.wordpress.com Some of her poems were published and use to be published in 60,000 copies of newspapers every weekend in her column "POEM OF VIEW"by the most leading newspaper in United  Arab Emirates the Kabayan weekly www.kabayanweekly.com/?s=eureka  .She's been awarded as "Columnist of the Year" during the Philippine Arts Music And Sports AWARDS 2013 held in Dubai.

Modelling: Eureka appeared on T.V as an extra cast during the last episode of Mari MAr GMA 7 in year 2007 playing the role of a nurse in emergency room .

She never knew and never expected from the start that she becomes a model only after she embraces into modeling.Eureka engaged herself in some photo shoots,paid shoots,photoshoots for a cause and funshoots as well. She's been one of the ramp model of Dita Sandico Ong's BANACA fashion show held  on June 2013 in Le Meridien Hotel Abu Dhabi . 

In her life: Eureka is a pet lover, she appreciates much the essence of nature, and adores the innocence of children as well,She's a daddy's girl,and her family is her most priority in life,she's a person whom is easy to be with and you can never forget her once she touched your life.

all about eureka

Know me more with these personal questions I've answered 


         Are you either engaged or married? in a relationship?Yes!i am engaged with an american guy named Zach



  • If you could do one thing over in your life, what would it be? If only be given the chance to do one thing in my life, that is to render help to indigent people esp the elderly who are being abandoned by their children,the  homeless street children,who used to be starved and seek for food rain or shine...

  • What makes  you happy? thing which makes me happy every time that I'm hearing my parents voices over a call.

  • Looking back on your life, what do you regret? I don't have any regret about my life from the past,for I believed that everything happened through God's perfect plan for me

  • What do you believe to be true? to be true in one's own self,that's the way that you can be true to other people as well

  • What is the secret to a happy life? To be simple,to be satisfied of the things you are having right now, never compare yourself to the others for you're molding a life of your own.

  • What do you believe happens to us after we die? after we die,we will just be remembered about the things we did,our music,our writings ,positive things will be some of our remembrance behind this life

  • Who’s had the greatest influence on your life and why? My parents,My mom taught me the help of faith to conquer devastating things in life,My dad taught me how to be strong for every challenges that might come..

  • What are the qualities that you admire in your friends? I admire them for giving such pleasant company,for accepting me the way I am

  • What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do? The hardest thing that I've ever done is being apart from my parents that I know that they are getting more older now...

  • How would you describe yourself? I would say that I'm the weirdest person on earth who loves to be left alone,to write,to paint,to draw,to play some musical instruments, I love pets so much,any pets,cats,dogs for I love every wondrous creature created by God ,I used to be amazed with the nature,the green mountains,the blue sky,the sea waves and sounds, I love the smiles the innocence of children,I am a family centered lady whose willing to sacrifice just for them.


  • What’s important in your life? The happiness of my family esp my parents,their smiles


  • If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? As what I've mentioned on the 2nd question

  • ,I wanna help indigenous people, If only be given a chance I wanna establish

  • a foundation for abandoned people,elderly ,children,and disabled ones.


  • What’s a secret ambition of yours? My ambition is to become rich not by material things but with the good things i'm gonna leave behind this life,the inspiration from my writings as an author,so that after I die some people's heart could be saved even without knowing me.


  • Who in your life would you like to thank and for what? I wanna thank God first of all for everything,for giving me my life,my parents, family,my fiance,experiences either good or bad...for every opportunity,for every challenges which molded me to be a better person,for me to appreciate more about life.


  • What principles have guided your life? keep the faith and believe that you can


  • Where do you find serenity?in God's wisdom,whenever I'm writing through Him that's the time that I'm gaining peace and calmness after a terrible day 


  • What makes you sad? it makes me feel sad every time that I'm hearing the weariness of my parents,it hurts me more more than anything else


  • What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your life? To keep the faith in God and everything can be done through Him


  • How would you like to be remembered? I would like to be remembered as a writer who shares life, a person of hope and inspiration


  • If you had only one day to live, how would you live it? I wanna spend my day writing all the things that I wanna tell to the people who have been part of my life,I wanna thank them for everything esp.my parents who never failed to give their advices their support,my siblings though some times there were times that I've been longing for their time,I wanna tell them how much I treasure our moments of those days when we were young, to my relatives who helped me alot,friends who have been sincere and true...and  I will spend that day talking to the guy who makes me smile each day...


  • How would you describe your spiritual beliefs?I always believe that God existing everywhere, that once I talk to Him by heart with sincerity and pure intention He would always be there no matter what.


  • Who is the most important person in your life today and why? My parents, each time that I'm doin such things like cooking,going to some  places,I used to remember them,I missed them so much 


  • What was the worst job you ever had and why was it so bad? None so far

  • What’s your idea of a good time? good time will be good once you use it on a worth remembering thing

  • What’s wrong with the world? the war that's been happening in different countries which affected many innocent people,many people are being killed,harmed,many are being starved.


  • What is it that you absolutely couldn’t live without? I couldn't live without a pen,

  • or any writing and drawing materials,I couldn't live without music,and instruments,

  • i couldn't live without my cats at home..lol

  • Seriously I couldn't live without my loved ones,special someone,they serve as my inspiration

  • in everything that I do


  • How would you describe yourself as a child? I was sensitive,sweet,hahaha,

  • Your dreams/ambition when you were a little girl? I dream t of being a newscaster/field reporter, 

  • I dreamt also of being a fashion designer, painter,actually I had many dreams when i was young...


  • I remember I used to make cards for my parents during their bdays,

  • valentines day,mother & father's day..^_^


  • What’s the greatest gift you could give to someone you love? Time that's the most precious give

  • that I could give with them for I couldn't do anything to embrace them for I'm too far from them now


  • What does love mean to you? Love is unconditional,love can be given

  • without an exchange some material things in return ,but also by the care,

  • affection and concern you could offer


  • What was the best job you ever had and why was it the best?When I've been working as a nurse in general ward,

  • where in I encountered many life situations from different patients I dealt with,

  • I've learned more about life,I've learned how to appreciate more about life,

  • to appreciate my family by all means.


  • If you had to evacuate your home immediately and could take only one thing, what would it be and why?

  • My pets, my  cats,Chummy and Charry,my love birds Chloe and Chleo

  • for they've been with me since the time that I went out from my accommodation,

  • they're living with me for 3 years now,it's hard to just leave them for they're same like my real kids..


  • What do you still want to accomplish? I want to be more successful with my profession of being a nurse


  • What’s one thing you’d like to change about yourself? I would like to change my attitude of easily trusting person,

  • for sometimes I've been abused by some people whom I've given my trust


  • How would you describe your perfect day? Once I've accomplished things and helped ,

  • made someone smile in my own little way...


  • What are you avoiding?nuisance people


  • What are your best qualities? being a multi talented lady as they said


  • Who are your heroes and why? my parents,they did everything for me,I remember when I was a student,
    my siblings and I were in college ,they never gave up to sustain our needs,they've done everything,

  • now all of us finished and holder of bachelors degree and with good life and stable jobs now...


  • What’s the kindest thing you’ve done for someone? Many to mention about. I helped many people,esp here in abroad.

  • What is more important to you,  challenge or comfort and why? Challenge,for I considered myself as fighter through God

  • How is your home like you? Peaceful,creative,calm


  • What are the advantages of getting older? being well experienced could give very good advises to the young ones

  • What turns you off in a guy? A showing off guy who's not smart enough really turns me off

  • a guy who shows a disrespectful attitude...

  • What things you DO NOT like to do? Smoking and Drinking

  • Happiest moment of your life? When I got engaged to my fiance...



  • What are some words or phrases you use most? 

    Keep the faith and believe that you can

    What are your hobbies? Playing guitar, playing keyboard instrument,crafting things from used materials,

    singing,composing songs/ poems,writing articles,blogging,cooking,painting,sketching,

    If you could live anywhere, where would it be?  Near the beach ,

    near the mountainous areas,                                                            

     for i do love the presence of nature on my sight,

    I love calm and peaceful place,                                                                              

      with cold winds drifting to my hair

    What is your deepest fear? my deepest fear,losing my loved ones =(

    What is your favorite thing to wear?  =) lingerie & nighty dress @ home,  

  • jeans,shirts,snickers,body bag  outdoor

  • Your vital stats? =P   hahaha,ok,  I am 5'3 in height,50 kg, 33-25-34 

  • My hair color is highlighted brown, my eyes naturally brown , i have fair skin complexion

  • Your dream wedding?my dream wedding dress features as mermaid  style,

  • i'd love to be married at the beach,I want my wedding to feel classic and timeless. 

  • My favorite wedding colors are blue and white,I am drawn

  •  to patterns and textures like lace. 

  • Solemn at the ceremony and casual and relaxed at the reception. =)

  •  It makes me smile dreaming about it...


  • Your Name Pet name? I have 2 cats namely chummy and charry,

    and love birds chleo and chloe

    What's your favorite food?i love sweets...CHOCOLATES ANY KIND =),Maja Blanca,Leche flan


    Favorite 2 Songs two lines?

    Runnin Outta Moonlight =)  by Randy Houser (

    this song inspired me early in the morning

    when a special someone sent this song to me 

    here's the lyrics  I wanna hold you till the break of dawn,

    I wanna take you on a night ride,windows down sitting on my side


    God gave me you by Blake Shelton,

    God gave me you for the ups and downs

    God gave me you on the days of doubt...


    You needed me by Anne Murray 

    I cried a tear you wiped it dry

    I was confused you cleared my mind


    Your Romatic ideas/expectation about Love?Hmmm,I am a person

    who loves surprises,for me doin such                                            

     unexpected yet surprising thing is my romantic idea about love...

    I remember when myfiance sent me white roses,

    I didn't even expect that thing,because he is in the United States...

    yet the moment I received the roses,

    that really made me cry with happiness...

    that was the very first time I received flowers in my entire life

    ,and that was a wonderful moment...

    Dream guy? =)  someone who could accept the way that I am,

    ,and a guy who would love my family the way I love them...



    Your favorite brands? Liz claiborne,guess,esprit for my bags,

    perfumes -burberry,sweet pea /bath and body works,victoria secret,givenchy,


    clothes-guess,faded glory,h& m,lacoste

    flower? only white roses 


    Your uttermost dream in life?  in God's will ,5 years from now  I'm praying of  having a good family,

    loving husband with healthy kids...

    I wanna raise and  love  them the way my parents did ...

  • and when he proposed last April 08,2014,

  • that was really an unexpected moment of my life..the happiest feeling ever...

  • What is your favorite color? White,Black,Gray,Forest green & blue

  • Aside from cats? what kind of pet do you want to raise?   A labrador dog =) I wanna name him Chachi means cool & neat

  • What advice/s would you like to share? Giving such advices are quite hard for me,for I'm not a person who lived with a perfect life, yet i wanna share something through the experiences I had, Firstly Keep the faith,and always do believe and claim that God is existing and accept Him with all your heart,'NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU'RE DEALING WITH LIFE NOW' remember there's always a light at the end of the road. Secondly, always try to reach out the people who have been part of you, most esp your parents,there's no such bestfriend on earth "ONLY OUR PARENTS",as I remember I used to complain why my dad kept on fetching me to and from  school,until college,and take note ,when I became and worked as a nurse,the things were just the same,Now that I'm here in abroad,I missed those days,and I realized how much he loves me,parents will never put your shoes on fire,Got what I mean? they knew the best things for you,since when you were born...=) ....and my advice be true to yourself,love yourself the most,thats' the only way you could impart yourself to the people,follow your desires,follow what you want in life,yet never expect good things would happen most of the time "EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED"...never criticize if you don't know how to appreciate,for people are created equally by God...Be an inspiration,be the person you wanted the others to be...be humble,be sincere...and remember God loves you the way you are,life isn't perfect yet there's certainty through God....PRAY! REPENT for Mistakes...and Start the life with God and live the entire with God....


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