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Long distance relationship

08/03/2014 16:04


Long distance relationship

Every relationship requires trust, patience, understanding, hope, sacrifice, love and above all faith from above. But how about if you are in a long distance relationship like me

He is from Kentucky USA and me from Abu Dhabi, which is 11863 km = 7372 miles away and with 9 hours difference, in short almost in opposite world.

So how do we manage everything without the feeling of tiredness or being worn out of being far away?

Time, it is important to talk about the possible time both of us could possibly communicate, through Facebook messenger, Skype, email.

For example:


I wake up each morning at around 7:00 which is 10:30 pm in Kentucky .So by the time I opened my eyes I will let him know that I'm awake, and we will talk for about few minutes like 5 to 7 minutes before I jump in the shower. Once I've done preparing we will be talking on Skype until the time that my service is ready to fetch me up from my house. When I get home from work which is 5 pm here and there will be 8 o'clock in the morning. We can still communicate through Facebook messenger whilst he's at work.


But then I understand that my partner is busy at work too, I never demand for his time while he's still at work, I just leave him a message of what I will be doing by that time so he would know how he will manage to talk to me while he's still busy.

So what are the things that I usually do in this case? I will finish all my house chores, so by the time that he will be taking his lunch at 12:30 pm or so and 9:30 pm here, we will have the chance to talk even just for few minutes. Or if he won't be able to,  I would just leave him a message and  tell him to response back whenever he gets his spare time.


What if he will be hanging out during the weekends either with his friends or family

Trust -It's just easy, I never demand from him again and again to response back because not most of the time he can spend his time with his friends because they're busy working too.I make sure that I give him time to spend his weekend with his family too, and I can hang out with my friends as well. I never call him spontaneously; It's a big No No for me.

So what if I will be the one who will be spending my weekend with my friends or any activities like photo-shoots. So here's what I usually do.

After a long day, I would write my journal summarizing what I did for the entire day, just a short paragraph like 5 lines, which I would send to  him whenever I get home, so he would know how my day went through. And we can talk about it whenever we get the chance.

I send small notes and make short notes for him and capture them using the camera of my phone and send them to him =) or sometimes I draw a cute picture, or do a picture collage. It is effective way of making him smile, even if I  didn't talk to him that much during my and his busy day too.

I give him a surprise during our anniversaries, like cards, any arrangement in my room,and show them to him once we have the chance to talk on skype. I know it's weird but it is effective and could give a huge smile on his face.


Appreciating  him

I understand that it is not easy to spend the time especially if he is a career oriented person and have many activities after work. I always appreciate him by thanking him that he spent his time talking to me despite of his hectic schedule that day. This can brighten his outlook in our relationship that miles could never set us both apart for him to keep on communicating with me.


I don't take communication for granted because, life is vague, life is short. Long distance relationship can test our faith in love. It is not easy to live apart but this is the moment when we could appreciate most of everything about each other, about the time that both of us will be having in the future. Simple adjustments to our time can help us keep the love in our hearts.


Positive attitude plays an important part in keeping the relationship healthy and strong.

SACRIFICE: By setting up my  goal to be with each other,and the willingness of one of us  to give up the usual life and being opened to the possibilty of changes, and some sort of adjustments.

We've talked about this,and I am willing to be with him there and leave things here...such as my modelling and etc.We've talked about our future together ,and in God's perfect time,everything will be fine.

All these things can possibly help us to make our relationship more stronger even if we're  apart, appreciation, faith , trust, hope, love ,could always make our relationship alive.








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