"Follow your emotions and desires"

Keep the faith and believe that you can" by Eureka C.Bianzon

11/07/2013 16:04

Nothing is more predictable than change.Some unexpected things might come our way,but believe that every event has a purpose,Just keep our hearts open knowing that there is a bigger reason for it.

God chose us because He has a plan for us.  Everyone has the reason in conquering life.God chose us for a certain purpose,He chose us because He knows that we can,that we can able to cope up with life challenges and adjust ourselves in life's unexpected surprises.

We just need to keep the faith,Faith that we are being guided,He gave us the assets,talents,strengths that we could develop to face the new beginning...
Remember,it is not yet the end once you lose your plans, everything has its own place in the perfect time.."The best thing in life is still waiting"
Keep the Faith and believe that you Can..

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