"Follow your emotions and desires"

"I am no longer a 10 y/o girl

08/01/2014 13:52

I am no longer a 10 year old girl who coughed every time once I entered a dusty room,a little girl who used to have an asthma attack,and being cuddled  by my dad to the hospital...Now I'm 29 and much bygones memories clings on me,those were the moments that defined my life...I've grown much being an independent woman since when I was 24,many vivid memories makes me squeal in delight at merely imagining myself living independently in this place... nostalgia covers me up as I closed my eyes recalling those memories that are endearing to me,most esp when I was a little kid surrounded by people I love,my parents,my siblings...My heart is giddy with love so strong that I feel my tears trickle down my cheeks, remembering my mom's gentle massage,as she was doing more often whenever i felt pain in any parts of my body...I didn't know how  to eat a crab,I mean how to twist it, =) ...even watermelon seeds,my dad was the one whose doing those for me...see,how they used to pamper my childish whim...





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