"Follow your emotions and desires"

"Enjoying the present"

08/01/2014 13:59
I always attempt to write poems to feel more peaceful. It feels like my soul can ease itself and I feel content with everything, even if everything isn't entirely how I want it. I feel that I need that sense of calm more than ever lately, feeling in a state of flux, where nothing feels truly certain anymore… everything is just for now.I have been spending a lot of time in my own head lately, but this time have reminded me to be more present. In the morning while I was walking down the street, I've tried  spending more time seeing things than thinking... It’s a little thing really, but its amazing how much you miss in the world around you staring on things...the present, the here and now, is after all, all we have... 
Life can be so repetitive… wake up, do this, do that, go to work, etc; shaking things up a bit will make everything seem refreshed and new.
So when I traverse the streets, kicking up the can I’m enjoying the present, feeling peaceful and content, but in the back of my mind I am hoping that the winds of change will effect my life into something better...

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