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CHLEO now is my Angel bird in heaven

04/02/2014 14:39
I got home from work, fed the cats,and my love birds greeted them good afternoon babies,how are you doing?" that's my routine from day to day after work... and good morning babies "did you both sleep good"...I know that I'm kinda weird, because these living creatures are so dear to me. But last night made me feel the saddest grief, I saw my male bird Chleo laying on the floor of their cage, he was actively moving when I fed him just an hour back, and when I held him and took him out of the cage,I've noticed that he wasn't in good condition,only his wings were moving and his eyes were half opened...I opened his beak to check if there's an obstruction from the food, It was very painful but I couldn't do anything but to stare at him while closing his eyes and to accept that it is meant to be happened..my tears kept on falling upon him...I spent almost 2 hours holding him before placing him inside my jewellery box tied with ribbons...and buried him day after in an empty park near my workplace.
Chleo gave much of joy for three years of being with me, I remember last month when he escaped from his cage,I kept on running after him because I was worried that my cats might kill him... 
Sadly nothing is forever,and we have to deal with it,Nothing is permanent,the reason why we should cherish every second in a minute,each minute in hour,each hour in a day, and each and every day ,showing how much we care for the people,for the creatures that we love...
His tweet sounds were recorded in my previous videos..I will be missing him, i know that it is hard now for (Chloe) my female bird to stay on her cage alone...
CHLEO now is my Angel bird in heaven

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