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"Being a failure isn't permanent by Eureka C. Bianzon

18/01/2014 11:40
Being a failure isn’t permanent. Being a failure is a beginning to be a more awesome you,only when you learn something about it. Maybe not in the same way, but better and more awesome in another way. There’s always a meaning behind everything....and sometimes it's hard to understand why we need to lift heavy burdens,and there are times that we would analyze things as detrimental,and the heaviest stumbling blocks to get rid of,it’s okay for being depressed, but don’t take too long... Enjoy every little process....Maybe the process isn’t going to be nice and smooth, but when the time comes for you to understand what is behind those things, I bet it will worth it. Life is like a rolling wheel. There’s time to be at the top, there’s time to be at the opposite, too. You've been at the low part of the wheels, now is the time to be at the top of it! The one that we should control is "self",for only then,everything else takes back seat,circumstances do not define us,situations turn into opportunities through God perfect plan for us...
And this time you know exactly what you have to do next and you can make your life be more meaningful...Keep tryin' ,You Only Live Once. That’s why, make the best of it, even of your failures...

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