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17/03/2014 13:22

Whilst I was folding some clothes just a while ago, I've noticed that one of my jackets got some permanent stains on it, the good thing that it was stained inside of which it won't be visible when I wear it again.

Suddenly the messages behind those "STAINS" ran in my mind, when we talk about stain it can be transmissible, irresistible , like disease such as AIDS which is  known transmissible disease in human.


Humans are good by nature, and I still believe that people are really good at heart, yet bad behaviors can displace an individual from the sheerness of his heart, and it can be rampant and ruin his life. Therefore awareness of own self and correctness of nuisance behavior are necessary to deliver oneself from STAINs and misery.

Once we mention the word STAIN, our perception is "UNTIDY", it doesn't look good, especially if it gets on one of your favorite shirts or pants and retains such ugly marks, isn't it disappointing?

This is why we are being careful enough when we do our laundry; it is in such a way of meticulous task, that we must separate the colored ones, from the white ones, and soak them in a basin of water to check because we don't want them to fade onto the other clothes while washing them.

There are many things above the earth which we need to consider and understand to avoid stains not only for ourselves but also for the other people. We should think and choose the right decisions in our life and think and foresee about the outcome. And also the "CHOOSE OF WORDS" which is also the most important thing, Think before you talk. Think before you throw such words for you not to have the regret of putting bad stains in the heart of your fellow men…

Reflect and think about yourself if you are the "STAIN" at this time, think of the vantage point of secluding yourself from other people and think to repent and correct those dire mistakes you have done, start a new life and live this life following the purpose given to you by God  ,in the other way around think if you are dealing with people who could be considered as "STAINs" in your life, stay away from them so your life will be at the right path and not be misunderstood and no one will ever dare to judge you neither put you down.


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