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MY LOVE STORY (Believe in little miracles)

03/07/2014 23:20
Zach & Eureka (our love story)
It all begun on May 31 year 2012,when Zach sent me a friend request on facebook. And I accepted it on June 01..a day after... I had a conversation with my auntie sister of my dad and she told me that Zach is their family friend in Kentucky,and works with my uncle Paul at Hill Rom in hospitals... We had random conversations...and there were times that due to my hectic schedule before at work I couldn't response to his messages and vice versa... We became friends, we talked about so many things...Actually I was stalking on his facebook,as I used to browse his photos..and I had seen how closed zach to his family and friends...and that really amazed me...
( later on I've found out that Zach was doing the same :) )
months had passed our conversations became so rare...I had been so active with my modelling,writing and event stuffs...Year 2013... month of june we started our conversations again...we begun talking and being interested about each other's life... his and my favorite stuffs and that conversation became regularly... I remember 1 time when I got home from Dubai when I judged Mr.& Ms.Philippines...I laid my tired body,...I told Zach I was tired and wanted to sleep....I didn't know that he felt pity on me that time...and his care became constant...our communication became every day...i mean every minute of an hour of every day if possible.... I started composing poems for him we became really close...until we both decided to see each other on skype in September 2013...First time I heard his voice via voice message when i tried calling him because I lost my internet connection, but i guess he was so busy at work...and yet i kept on repeating the call because of his voice ..it was like I was talking to myself,saying "hmmm he has the sweetest voice" rather than saying his voice is a voice of a man...that was on September 09,2013...and finally on September 15 2013 7:19 am we had seen each other on skype....and it became regularly every morning before i head to work and evening my time when he gets home early from work...He started sending me white roses on September 30,2013...i was at work that time when i received those...and we had our 1st monthsary...on Oct 15,2013,
October 23'13 when I received a poem from him "There is just something special about you", first poem I've ever received in my entire life....and every day... before he would go to sleep or before he would wake up each morning...he would receive a poem from me... His presence in my life made me compose more than a hundred love poems,,,
On November 08,2013 the very first time I heard  "I love you" from him...he went home from work that was around 10 in the evening here...i remember I was folding my clothes...when he surprised me to skype...I felt his sincerity when he expressed to me his emotion and it took time for me to say it back...because the tears started falling down to my cheeks...and I said "I love you too" with all my heart and kept thanking God for the bestest gift...and as the days went on my life became more colorful...
We both decided that our monthsary celebration will be at every 15th of each month...because we both felt more the love the first time we talked on skype...Sept 15... November came we had our 2nd monthsary....and that month I #composed my first ever song composition for him "If I would fall".
...and December 10'13 he surprised me showing me his passport to visit me...we had our 3rd monthsary...he sent me gifts for Christmas and after 5 years of celebrating christmas alone here in UAE...I celebrated 2013 with him...opening his gifts for me in front of him...and one of his gifts which touched my heart was the souvenir which has something written on it "Believe in yourself"...Yes...Zach always support me in everything i do....and things that I want to do....He sent also greetings via video to me,to my family also...December 26 when he went to Florida with his family.... every day I was receiving a day to day journal from him...the greatest feeling....i felt so special...for he was trying to find to write stuffs for me....
January 2014 I celebrated my new year with him and with my family via skype....and our 4th monthsary went...love as stronger as it was...And February before Valentine's day mommy Karen (Zach's mom gave us book.."Book of love" )which has 60 pages and Zach was reading each page with quote about love every morning when we skype...February 14,2014 we celebrated our 1st Valentine's day and 5th month...I arranged my table with Valentines stuffs...I made a card for him...and showed everything to him when we skyped...and He got something for me too...March 2014 we both excited of seeing each other...we were counting the days ...we celebrated our 6th month....and
April 04,2014 we met finally face to face in Dubai......He made his flight safely from USA... we held each other's hands....and still we felt the same love that we were having when we were just communicating via Facebook and Skype... April 05 my happiest birthday with him at the top of burj khalifa dubai...and each day was memorable day and place for the both of us.... April 08,2014...the unexpected moment of his marriage proposal....
April 12,2014 at 5:14 pm the hardest feeling that I felt, the time when I left him at the hotel,I couldn't hold my tears back,I cried knowing that it'll take much of time for us to see,to embrace each other again.
But I trust God for whatever He plans for me and Zach , so soon on the next chapter we will never be leaving each other again...I have my engagement ring which reminds me how beautiful life is to endure with him... I am his fiancéé now....and soon to be His wife....next year in God's will..... This is our Love Story #EurekaZachary

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