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"MY CLOUD IN HEAVEN" by Eureka C.Bianzon

21/01/2015 16:14

It’s raining again after we buried Cloud to the ground. I raised him for almost 2 months, and an abrupt incident of him getting sick happened… Me and my dad brought him to the hospital for confinement, my puppy diagnosed of having parvo virus. I visited him every day , I cried upon seeing him inside the cage, he was like a little child crying, telling me,”mom I’ll be okay,please take me home” .On the first day I went home immediately,but on the second and up to the last day after  him being discharged,I stayed in the hospital for 30 to 40 minutes playing with him, cuddling him…

A week after my heart got a smile hearing that he’s okay to be discharged  after the operation of his boil which they made the same day, The next day dad and I,went to the hospital,to get him ,I cuddled him ,and again he was like a happy little kid,telling me “ thank you ma,we’re going home.


At home I tried my very best to complete his antibiotic,his ferrous sulfate,and vitamins.  Cloud had been trying to eat and drink as much as he could.. And a week after he became weak,he fell to the ground ,I cuddled him waking him up. My niece and nephew were awaken because of my voice. I laid him on a blanket and started sustaining him with water by the use of syringe. 

We ran him again to the hospital,and a day after my mom got a text message that “Cloud” passed away.


I couldn’t hold back my tears upon hearing that,I couldn’t even go to the hospital to claim his dead body…It hurts me alot.   I opened my facebook,checked on his photos,he’s been such a cute and adorable puppy.

We buried him in the garden I beautified, with the flowers of the rose I planted.  I remember when I dig his poop near that rose, and that rose suddenly gave me 5 beautiful pink roses.


Cloud now is one of the clouds in the sky staring at me and to his best friend Zorro. Sad moment that I need to accept, that nothing is permanent, all of us will go to heaven.


To my puppy Cloud “ thank you so much for everything, you made me smile, you made my heart happy, you made realize to care more.You opened up my heart to raise new pets after I left my cats Chummy and Charry. I’ll treasure those moments I shared with you,those moment when you were pullinging down my pajama, those moments when you were asking for a hug , those mornings when you were waiting for me to wake up and pulled my cover when I didn’t want to… Thank You Cloud. I love you so much!!!Please tell hi to all the puppies up there in heaven..


January 21,2014    


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