"Follow your emotions and desires"

"It's worth the wait" by Eureka C. Bianzon

15/12/2014 13:56

Sometimes humans are expecting for something bigger that will be coming in their lives, keep on asking “I want this thing to happen to me, I want this expensive thing right now, I want that him/her to love me, I want him/her to go for a date with me.  Yet no matter how courageous we are still the things that we’re expecting are still hard to reach, to attain.

Remember God has perfect timing, hold on, even if you’re dealing with formidable circumstances.  God knows our desires, our intentions in life. It takes time, patience, hold on for faith that despite all these things, there’s reward, which will be given to you through God’s grace.

Don’t worry much about having of what you don’t have right now, if it’s a job that you were expecting and you weren’t able to get it. Think that there’s something better which been prepared for you by the Almighty. Hence don’t be discouraged, find time to improve yourself more, while searching and waiting for the next.

If its love, I mean “True love” that you’re expecting to experience…Give all of what you can share, it’s not all about tangible things, but the intangible ones which can be felt by the heart of your partner.

We must do our part, if we’re expecting of  one true love. Learn to appreciate to give compliments.

God knows of what you deserved to have, He knows the sincerity of your heart. He will give you more of what you’re expecting in His perfect timing, according to His plans. Pray and ask Him to guide you with every bit of your plans, with everything that you do. Everything will be turned right…


I’ve been waiting, I’ve been patient, and through all that waiting, I can say that “It’s worth the wait”


While you’re waiting focus on the present, there are many simple things to appreciate of. Focus on what you can share, than what you can get. Life is so short to get busy thinking about the things that you want to have or want to achieve. We have life to live, live it in the best way possible sharing good memories with your family and friends… 


Eureka Bianzon © 2014 All rights reserved.

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