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"Filipinos, Friends in UAE take part in Typhoon Yolanda relief events,my written article in KABAYAN WEEKLY NEWSPAPER

23/11/2013 14:13
  "Aid of Hope" Filipinos Unite for a Cause  Published by KABAYAN WEEKLY newspaper on NOV 21-27,ISSUE 29,volume 3
   A total of  308 huge boxes of relief goods and AED 93,195 has been raised on Friday,November 15,2013 at Zabeel park Dubai,by 3000-5000 Filipinos and
individuals of various nationalities who joined the,"Aid of Hope" Filipinos Unite for a Cause,to relieve the sufferings of victims of typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda in Philippines),the most powerful typhoon ever recorded which drastically slammed into southern part of the Philippines creating an enormous fatalities last November 7,2013.
     A Filipino volunteer team was created to organize a fundraising event "AID OF HOPE" and came up with notable influx of groups of Filipino residents who offered themselves and encouraged more volunteers to join the charity event and called themselves as "Filipinos Unite for a Cause", the charity activity divulged through facebook page and called the attention of people from different places of  UAE, of which everyone who joined changed their profile pictures symbolizing their commitment to lend a helping hand and instill the spirit of compassion towards the victims of Haiyan.
     Milo Torres, one of the resident volunteer stated "The event was announced only when we finally received the permission from Department of Islamic affairs on November 14. On Friday with the collaboration of UAE Red Crescent Society, and help rendered by Filipinos and non Filipinos who showed their benevolence and generosity we made it possible in one day".
     Belle Foronda one of the organizers announced that the grand total of AED 93,195 which is equivalent to 1,107,277.38 PHP, is now under the management of UAE Red Crescent Society, working hand in hand with the Philippine National Red Cross in determining the immediate needs of the victims in their on going relief operations in all disaster areas. The money raised was from the charity boxes, that includes all donation from individuals and companies, ticket sales from all the fundraising activities including "Walk for a cause" around the park, Photo shoots and family portraits, videography, Charity lunch, Charity bazaar, Fun games, Clown, Magicians,balloon making and face painting for children, and artworks sale which were voluntarily offered by several Filipino artists, painters and photographers.
     All collected goods mostly foods, medicines, toiletries, blankets , and brand new clothes were segregated, repacked, labeled , and accounted in one day  totaling of 308 boxes for immediate shipping made by the LBC team for free, Franco Naron said.
Robert Castro, one of the organizers stated that the "response from each individual was overwhelming when the spirit of Unity arose and Bayanihan has been exemplified that we have no shortage of volunteers to carry out the task we have got to do, the goods for the survivors were given and packed with love and care by all volunteers who made the charity event possible".

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