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"A father in desolate despair"

27/03/2014 10:52

"A Father in desolate despair"

My family and I were done attending the holy mass that day, suddenly when we got out of the church there was a man who fell on the ground in front of us, that if I would estimate the age, I think he was about 60 year old or above 60. I thank God that I and my younger sister are nurses so we did know how to manage the situation, we turned the old man on his side so secretions or vomitus can leak out of his mouth rather than be swallowed or go down the windpipe that may lead to obstruction of his airway. Our mom is a reflexologist so she helped us, she touched the pressure point and thanks God the man was awaken. We placed him on the chair just near the door of the church. My mom applied a tepid sponge bath because the man's skin was very warm when we touched.

There was a police station located just opposite of the church, so there were policemen who had seen the incident, they came to us and took us to the precinct.  I remember how the shabby man looked like, his clothing was soiled, and he couldn't even speak in "Tagalog" which is the national dialect in the Philippines, he came from Ormoc Leyte, in Visayas region. The policeman asked for an interpreter for us to understand him, so as the investigation went; we've found out that he was searching for his 2 daughters, ages 18 and 20, who've been suspected as victims of syndicates.

According to him there were women who visited their place in Ormoc, so those people talked to his daughters, they've been kind to them, until they convinced the young ladies to work in Manila city. At first he was hesitant, but his two daughters insisted 'til he allowed them finally. Many months had passed  he didn't receive any news from them ,so he decided to sell his 2 carabaos, but unfortunately his money were lost as they were stolen when he reached in Manila.

My mom went out of the station, when she came back she was bringing some foods for the old man.   

This real life story touched and broke my heart into pieces, the old man kept on blaming himself as he was saying that he was the reason why his 2 daughters were gone. His eyes were in tears, I felt how much he struggled not minding the tiredness, hungriness, and evil things that he encountered on the roads. He said he will never stop searching for them, he said it was nothing compared to those years of caring for them since when they were born.

That was a heart breaking moment of emotional hurdles to overcome; it was sad comforting the saddest emotion of a father you can think of.

I prayed that his daughters are with him now with the help of the Almighty God.






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